Schmeißt euer Geld zusammen, organisiert euch, macht eigene Nahrungsmittel, teilt euch Sachen
»Share your money, unite and organise, produce your own groceries, share your property!«
Intentional communities are communities of people, who have consciously decided to live and work together and to pursue ideal and material aims. Currently more than 160 communities exist in Germany, where people share a home and whom prefer a common life in search of alternatives to the consumer society. They grow their own groceries, work together and make decisions together.

In summer 2016 I visited several communities in Germany to find out how life works there. To see a broadest possible spectrum of different concepts of life, I selected six communities, which are completely different with regard to their political and spiritual orientation and their size. For a period of one week each, I worked and lived with them and accompanied them photographically. In addition I conducted interviews with the residents of the communities, to enlarge on their personal motives and their ideology.
The book tries to show how life works in an intentional community with a regard to life in general, a sustainable lifestyle and self-sufficiency. It collects photographs and interviews of my journeys in addition to some fundamental informations about intentional communities in Germany. Through the typography, composition, dramaturgy and choice of materials, a concept was developed that doesn´t work off prejudice or praises a better way of life.

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